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Being an ecommerce business owner, you use all sorts of shipment methods to manage your shipping online. Some prefer to use parcel system of not more than one carrier, while others use multiple carrier shipment system. From technology point of view, how to find out that you’re at or near a tipping point where the move towards multi carrier shipping solution might be a smart shot.

Well, here we offer some signals to help you gauge when to invest in a multi carrier shipping solution.

  • Reality is when the shipping volume scale goes up; profitability of ecommerce business depends more on overall shipping costs. Also, rise in global trade, in fact, caused a surge in export volumes from US to rest of the world. At the same time, shipping policies modify due to other factors too. Thus, to minimize the impact on profits, attain better flexibility, you should look for the lowest possible shipping costs which can only be achieved through multi carrier shipping strategy.
  • The more the amount of shipping points, the more ecommerce business is likely to benefit from unified platform and standardized shipping process. As it also leads to spur shipping decisions and ability to track and trace.
  • Clearly, if any company is shipping more parcels, they have more leverage to reduce their costs and drive substantial savings by investing on multi carrier shipping solutions to achieve solid return.
  • Picking the most suitable carrier and service is not easy task when you have complex company’s SKU with varying weights, dimensions, regulations and sizes. However, the businesses that don’t use intelligent multi carrier shipping solutions bear the higher rates for shipping units of these complex product mixes.
  • Thinking to automate the process of shipping? You may need ecommerce multi carrier shipping software to get the desired results. By doing so, however, it may also require some advanced processing capabilities. Since automated system scans each item’s RFID tag which further triggers look-up of order, carrier and service decision for that package is robustly made.


Essentially ecommerce multi carrier shipping software enables retailers to offer the best online shipping cost and various carrier options at check out. Automate the whole process of carrier compliant labels, documentation, and show shipping options that customers want. The software ensures efficiency, control costs, deliver orders fast, optimize service, and guess what, that keeps customers coming back.